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Hello, long time no see! 

Obviously, this isn't a gallery I update often anymore, though I do try and check on my messages every once and awhile to see if anyone has tried to contact me. But while I've moved onto other platforms, I still have a really soft spot in my heart for dA. I started here as a naive 15 year old with hopes of working as an artist, against my own good judgement and my parents' wishes. Now I'm 25, working solidly in the animation industry for the past 3 years at various studios including Titmouse, Warner Brothers, Disney and now Dreamworks.

Getting to this point in my life was such an emotional roller coaster, yet I can pinpoint key figures and moments on dA that helped boost my confidence and drive. If I didn't have those tiny moments of affirmation from people whose opinions I respected, I don't know where I'd be today. I never would have gotten here with out the support of this community, and I am so humbled and grateful for everyone's continued interest in my work.

Anyway, I wanted to write this post for any other young people out there with dreams to keep creating. I hope you guys keep putting yourself and your work online, because your voice is needed and deserves to be heard, now more than ever. Keep going!

Goodbye for now, but if you'd like to keep following my work, please check out my webcomic and my other social media platforms:

Take care everyone!
Hey guys! I'm gonna be tabling in Seattle this weekend at ECCC for the very first time! Ever! AHHH!

If you're attending, please come by my table at the 6th level, OO-04, for prints and preorders of The Lonely Vincent Bellingham: Book 0! I'll also be selling prints and giving out freebies.

Hope to see you guys there!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you guys know that while I still update this site, I'm much more active on tumblr and twitter, so check me out there!

Also, check out The Lonely Vincent Bellingham webcomic if you haven't already! I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks guys! 
And thank you to everyone who sent kind messages and favorited Gumiho! And an incredibly BIG thank you to SavageFrog for suggesting it and TimberClipse for the feature!

It's hard to me to look back on that film because of all the amateur mistakes I made in it, but I'm still really happy a lot of you were touched by it! It's a very strange story so I'm really happy and humbled by your response. 

Lastly, check out Turbo FAST on Netflix! Those snails are faaaaaST

See you all around!! 
Hey everybody!

Me and a couple of my artist friends are doing a 2-colored chibi for every $5 donation for the Philippine Red Cross! If you guys can donate, that would be awesome! If you can't, no problem, but it would help if you spread the word? Thank you!! 

Hey guys, it's been awhile!

So a lot of cool stuff has happened on my end. After a grueling job search for three months, I was hired as a storyboard revisionist on Turbo F.A.S.T. over at Titmouse! It's been great so far, I feel really lucky to have my first professional gig on such a beautiful show! Also snails. Snails everywhere. 

Annnd on a smaller note (though still important to me, hahaha) I reached 100,000 pageviews! Say whaaaat?? That's cool. Thank you to everyone who decided to visit my page for one reason or another!

Hey everybody!

I'm taking commissions for the summer! If you're interested, please follow this link:…

Also, if you're interested in prints, check out my new Society6 shop!:

Thanks you guys!
My message box exploded, holy!

I never thought I'd get another one, and especially not with such a positive response! Thank you so much to everybody that has left a kind message or favorited my pieces so far, it's really touching to see how many people enjoy my work (despite its simplicity, ha!). Big thank you to jcroxas for featuring my work and to MMWoodcock, Thiefoworld and Astralpeed for suggesting The Universe Reflection! The description in the DD was so flattering and really self affirming, thank you!

Soooo a little about myself? My name's Diana, about to graduate college in a couple of weeks (big breath). I'm just about at the finish line of my thesis animated film, so hopefully you guys will see that soon! Annnd I'm working on an ill-timed challenge to draw one illustration a day, Illo 365! Check out my tumblr to see the rest (I only show a couple on dA):

Annd... that's it! Thank you again, wowowowow, what a confidence boost!
So some kind hearted soul out there gave me a three month membership! What! That is so awesome, thank you so much! I wish you weren't anonymous so I could thank you somehow...

But aww, this is so sweet! You guys (everybody who continues to watch me even through my Naruto-gasm) are the best. Thanks for sticking with me all these years. :heart:
Another update!

So I'm in my final year at UCLA and I'm slowly working on my thesis film. Unfortunately, because of my internship over the summer I didn't exactly get enough time to finish my film from last year.... so for now, it remains unfinished in rough animation stage. Parts of it are cleaned up, but certainly not all. I hope that I will have time towards the end of the year to at least scan everything in!

Speaking of my internship, it was AMAZING! Good times, good lessons, and good friends all around. Tons of trips to Disneyland too. I got to work on a lot of inspiring projects that might hopefully, one day, appear in the parks!

In other, slightly tangential news, I was thinking about making a tutorial of sorts... would anyone be interested in seeing one? If so, what about? I haven't made one since I was 15, so I thought it would be fun to do another one for kicks and giggles.

See you guys around!
Since I haven't really been keeping up with dA!

So, my film is slowly getting finished. I'm halfway done doing the rough animation (yaaay), hoping to finish all of the rough animation by mid-April so I can dedicate the next month and a half to clean up, coloring and editing. Clean up is going to be killer; my rough animation is seriously rough.

Also, in ridiculously good and holy-crap-did-this-really-happen-to-me news, I have a summer internship at Disney Imagineering under Blue Sky, their creative development team! I am so ridiculously EXCITED it is crazy and it's hard to concentrate on things, haha!

And if you're interested, I did this short rendition of the Little Prince for my film last quarter. Take a look if you want to!…

Other than that, that's all I have to say, haha. How have you all been?
Welp, kl-the-moon was the one to catch the kiriban, yaaay! I'm sorry for everyone else who wanted it, but I'll try to do some free sketches in the future, if time will allow it.

In other news, I got a job, yaaaay! And my film is underway! I bought 1,500 sheets of animation paper! It costs a lot! I am so sad! If you guys are interested in what the film is, check out the animatic on youtube:…

And... that's it! Thank you to all the new watchers and everyone who favorites and views and comments. I'm terrible at replying, but I really do appreciate the time you guys give to my art. I love you all!
Huzzah, we survived 2011!

And I just saw that I recently hit 1000 followers! Holy moly. I never thought I would ever get to that many people, it's such an honor. Thanks for sticking around.

For thanks, I decided to maybe do a kiriban? I haven't done one in years. Is that what you call it? Haha. Whoever gets a screenshot of 77,500 or anywhere around it (if there is nobody to come forward) will get a drawing from me! Most likely in this style, since it's the easiest for me:

So yeah! I wish you all a fantastic 2012!
Seriously Diana what have you been doing

Well, I know I say this every time I start school, but this has seriously been the hardest quarter for me so far. So many projects, so many films to make/watch, so many essays, so many storyboards, so little time! So I apologize for my lack of activity.

I'm currently working on a live-action short film for my production class, and I'm in the middle of scheduling auditions with actors/actresses. Omg, so exciting and stressful and whoa

Among other things, I decided to discontinue my comic Wayside Manor for now, for lack of time and preparation. I realized over my internship in the summer that I work much better with a script, and I need more conceptualization for certain characters. I hope to relaunch the comic by next summer, with a good buffer of pages to keep a daily schedule.

Also, quick reminder: The Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship deadline is a month or so away! Are you working on your portfolio? Well, you should! Here's a link for more information:…

And another question for you all: would anyone be interested in commissions? Because, that would be cool. Help me with eating and stuff, haha!

Peace, salami and bacon everybody!
I'm realizing nowadays that it would be really beneficial for me to have my own website, but I have no idea of actually going about creating one. I know that you have to buy a domain name first, but I'm beyond the means of understanding how to make it... you know, professional and nice looking.

Can anyone direct me to some sites that can help me with this? Or if you have website-creation savvy yourself, will you impart some knowledge to me? I'd like to have a portfolio website, and possibly another one for my webcomic.

Thank you all in advance!

Are you a college student with a passion for comics, illustration, animation, and all things drawn? Then please consider applying for the Jay Kennedy Memorial cartooning scholarship!!

The National Cartoonist Society is once again opening up their doors for applicants going into their junior or senior year to apply for $5000!! But it's not just about the money; the greater prize is to be honored and given an all-paid-expense trip to their annual Reuben Awards weekend, where they honor cartoonists with awards and just good ol' shenanigans. As the recipient of last year's scholarship, I can personally vouch that it will be a weekend you never forget!

For more information, go here:

If any of you love cartooning, you simply MUST apply!! (don't worry, I'll be bugging you guys constantly about it in case you all forget :heart:)


Epilogue. Ginny's. Hair. Was. Ridiculous.

The epilogue in general was ridiculous. Though Ron and his receding hairline gave me a good laugh. Too good of a laugh.

Also: Snape's death was tragic and beautifully done.

Also: Helena Bonham Carter deserves an oscar for acting as Hermione disguised as Bellatrix. That was so absolutely perfect, brilliant.

All in all, despite my complaints about the movie, it was great to watch, and a fantastic end to my childhood (weeps).
Hey guys!

Long time no see, huh? I'm sorry for being so MIA these past few months, things were absolutely hectic around here. After I saw my sister in New York for a week, I had to fly to the east coast again for the Reuben Awards for the cartooning scholarship I won, and upon coming back, plunge straight into finals! But now, I'm finally done, and I even got to do a write up of what my weekend was like on my tumblr!

Here's the link:…

In other good news: I got accepted into UCLA's film school, as an animation concentration!! I am so utterly excited for the classes I'm going to take. I've recently finished my 15 second animated film, so I hope to upload it here after my screening tomorrow. Also, I will be interning this summer at PERISCOPE STUDIO!! I GET TO MEET DYLAN MECONIS OF FAMILY MAN!! Gah. Okay. Anyway.

Things are going good in life lately, and I am eternally grateful. How are you guys? :)…

[ignore the ugly mug, please and thank youuuu]

I found out last week that I won the $5000 cartooning scholarship, and I've been on cloud nine since then! Not only do I get a scholarship for tuition, but I also get to go to Boston memorial weekend to attend the National Cartoonist Society's Reuben Awards, where I can meet cartooning stars like Chris Sanders (How to Train Your Dragon, Lilo and Stitch), Glen Klene (Tangled, The Little Mermaid), and Jared Lee (The Black Lagoon series) and many others! I specifically point these three artists out because they influenced me the most during my childhood, so I am utterly filled with glee at the thought of meeting them!

This is the very first time I've ever won anything for my art, so while I am humbled at the knowledge of so many other more talented artists who could/should have won this award, I am very, very happy that they decided to give me the honor. Being a non-art major especially, this award gives me new hope about my future, and I'm determined to work harder to meet my goals and expectations.

Anyway, I just wanted you guys to know because if it wasn't for all of you, I wouldn't have gotten to where I am today. So thank you all, from the bottom of my heart.
Human capital is important. Lives are impossible to quantify and compare with other lives.

Do not let what happened in Japan color your perceptions or somehow skew this natural disaster into a political agenda. Do not suddenly retort as to why there was more media coverage on Japan, and not on the disasters that occurred in Pakistan, or Haiti. Do not try to quantify and compare disasters. They are disasters. Do not assume that the media mandates morality. Do not let the power of media control your humanity.

Do not try and claim that one community is more deserving of help than another. Do not claim that just because Japan is one of the richest and most prepared countries for tsunamis, the Japanese are calm and need no help. Do not claim that sort of omnipotence or knowledge.

A disaster struck the Pacific and afflicted many nations. This complex social, ecological and economical situation should not be watered down and trivialized by the question of why media seems to favor certain issues over the other. Certainly, the ethics of media and government should be questioned and corrected, so that all problems and disasters are treated equally, with care and compassion that should be extended to all people regardless of their backgrounds.

But please, do not let the fact that the media picks and chooses their coverage color your humanity, make you think that one place is less deserving of aid than another. What it boils down to is that many people are suffering right now, and they all need our help. Not only Japan, but Indonesia, New Zealand, and other several communities. Do not let the power of media make you cynical; do not let the power of media control you.
First of all, I would like to apologize for my MIA status on dA.

It's safe to say that the beginning of my second year at college has been one of the most challenging times in my life, intellectually and artistically. And I have been working very hard to do well in my studies and to try to get somewhere with my art as well. My internship has been going great [though it has been a lot of hard work], and I'm now part of the illustration staff at my school's newspaper. With that on top of my school-work and extracurriculars, I've been very busy.

It's good to be busy, for sure. But at the moment I realized that I might have reached my limit. Next quarter I'll be lightening up my workload a bit, not only for my own sanity but to keep in touch with myself as well. Because to be very honest, I'm not sure if I am as happy with myself as I was in my first year.

I suppose it has to do with my insecurities about my physical appearance, the stagnation of progress in my artwork, my everlasting struggle with my studies, and the continued uncertainty of my future... but most of all, I just feel as if I don't have enough time to breathe. Even as I write this I have a newspaper illustration, a cube study, and god-knows-how-many-pages of reading to do by Tuesday. I feel like I'm wasting time just by thinking, and I really hate that feeling.

But I need to put this out anyway. I know I've said this a lot in the past, but I really, truly appreciate all the support you all have given me, either through comments, favorites, watches, etc. I'm so grateful that you all enjoy my work despite its mistakes and errors, and I'm completely floored by how much all of you continue to support me for the five years I've been here.

Really, thank you guys.

And please, don't be shy! I know I may seem a bit distant, but I really do love reading all your comments and ideas. If you ever feel like chatting about anything, send a message my way.