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Hey everybody!

Me and a couple of my artist friends are doing a 2-colored chibi for every $5 donation for the Philippine Red Cross! If you guys can donate, that would be awesome! If you can't, no problem, but it would help if you spread the word? Thank you!! 

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hyamei Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013
oh gosh I just want to thank you. you guys are amazing for doing this! the people in central philippines still need all the help they can get.
PH Red cross has been working around the clock ever since this happened, so I do think they're one of the better options :)
Tiuni Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Professional Filmographer
I've been trying to keep track of the relief efforts since I first heard about it, but it's unfortunately losing steam in the US. Sensationalism, bah! We ended up raising $250 so that's good! And no please, we're just trying to help as much as we can!! I wish I could volunteer if I was out there!  
hyamei Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013
really sucks how the media works sometimes :\ we still get news updates on tv here but it's not as frequent as before.
I've been following PH Redcross' twitter … they still update on whats happening.
and whoa, 250USD is big if you convert it to PHP. so thats a huge help! O:

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November 16, 2013


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